15 At Home Arm Workouts Without Weights [With Videos]

Trying to do arm exercises without weights can be a struggle.

Sometimes you have to get creative.

Or you can just read this article and do these no-equipment arm workouts since I already got creative for you. 🙂

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Bicep Workouts Without Weights

Admittedly, bodyweight bicep exercises are one of the more difficult ones to come up with.

This one took some research, but here are 5 bodyweight bicep workouts you can do at home.

1. Chin-ups.

If you’re just starting, these can be difficult. 

As an alternative, you can do assisted chin-ups by having a chair under you:

You could also do negative hangs.

To do this, get a chair to get up to the top of the chin-up, then work on holding yourself there and very slowly lowering yourself down.

2. Bicep curls

Yes, bicep curls without any weights can be hard to recreate.

However, if we get creative, we have a few options.

1. We can use “alternative weights”. 

You don’t always need dumbbells.

You just need something that weighs.. Well, something, and you can hold in your hand.

For example, this could be bottles of water, canned goods, a brick, etc.

2. If you have a resistance band or even physical therapy band around, this is another great option.

3. Try Towel Leg Bicep Curls:

3. Inverted Rows

There are a few ways we can do inverted rows as a way to work out our biceps at home.

First, you can set up two chairs with some distance between them and stick a broom between as shown below:

We can also use a sheet and a doorway!

Yup, that’s it! Check it out:

4. Door Way Bicep Curl

Yes. You can do bicep curls with nothing but a door!


Well, honestly it’s easier to see by example than to explain, so check it out:

5. Reverse Hand Push Ups

Honestly, I just made up that name.

Typically, push up are not a dominantly bicep focused arm workout.

However, by simply turning your hands around and making a few small adjustments, it can be.

Check it out:

Tricep Workouts Without Weights

1. Push-ups

Yup, just standard ol push ups are a great tricep workout.

The keep is doing them correctly, though, so check out this video.


2. Tricep Kickbacks

You can do tricep kickbacks without any weight at all.

But you need to keep tension on the muscle as you do it for it to be effective at all:

If you have resistance bands again, even better:

3. Tricep Dips

This is my favorite bodyweight tricep exercise.

It’s effective, and all you need is a chair or bench.

4. Tricep Extension

Tricep extensions are typically done with dumbbells, so that means this is another one you could substitute to use water bottles or whatever else you can find:

5. Downward Dog Hold

Downward dog is a very popular and fundamental yoga pose.

It’s also a great tricep workout.

Here’s how you do it:

Shoulder Workout Without Weights

1. Incline push-ups

Incline push-ups are just like normal push-ups, except instead of doing them on the floor, you use a chair or bench:

2. Pike push-ups

Pike push ups are another great alternative and a fantastic bodyweight shoulder exercise.

3. Plank to Down Dog

I mentioned downward dog as being a great tricep workout.

By starting from a plank position and moving into downward dog, you can also get a good bodyweight shoulder exercise too:


4. Lateral raises.

Similar to bicep curls, this can be difficult to recreate without dumbbells – but we don’t have to use dumbbells. 

Again, you can use anything with some weight to it or resistance bands.

5. Reverse Burpees

For some reason, people seem to hate burpees.

Well, meet it’s dreaded brother, the reverse burpee.

It may not be the most fun, but if you want to get a good workout in, give it a try!

Putting it Together: A Complete At Home Arm Workout Without Weights:

Okay, so there are all of the workouts.

What do you do with them?

Are you supposed to do ALL of them!?

Well, you definitely could if you’re super hardcore.. or bored.

But I recommend choosing 2-3 exercises from each category.

Then do 10-15 reps of each exercise to put together a full bodyweight arm workout routine you can do at home any time!

Final Notes

Don’t forget, nutrition is king. For my recommended nutrition plan check this article out.

If you want to add in some cardio to your routine as well, here are the top 3 fat burning types of cardio to do.

& Last but not least, if you want to add in a full-body no weights workout, you can find that here!

If you’re interested in a full home workout plan – complete with a custom nutrition plan, I would love for you to check mine out:

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