How to Get Thick [Slim Thicc – With Pictures]

At least once a day I will get a message asking, how do I get thick?

Now, I don’t claim to be super “thicc” since I’m still working towards where I want, but I’ve gotten some pretty amazing results considering where I started from.

Before we get into the how I want to let you know there is hope.

For the longest time, I was 5’ 8” (172cm) and 130lbs.

Basically, if I turned sideways I disappeared like a pole.

I ended up gainined a ton of weight, but not the good thicc kind, like the.. It all went to my stomach and face kind.

Any way, after getting fed up with my body, I decided to double down on my research on exercise and nutrition and came up with what has become a pretty incredible plan for getting that new “slim thick” look that everyone seems to be after these days.

Here are my results so far for reference, so you know THERE IS HOPE!

The latest impossible beauty trend is to be thick, or “thicc” or slim thick.

Typically characterized by a thick butt, thick hips, thick thighs, and a small, slender waist and stomach.

Of course, ideally, you want to love your body as it is, after all, it does amazing things for you and it is the only one you get!

BUT.. I’ll stop preaching there because I know all too well what it feels like to want to have a different body type than the one you have.

So how did I get thick? Or as I like to call it, fit thick.

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Here’s what I did..

Steps to Get Thick

Basics on How to Get Thick

The basis of what we’re doing to get thick is adding muscle mass to strategic areas.

This sometimes scares women off becaus they don’t want to get “huge” and “shredded”.

Trust me. You won’t.

Doing so takes a tremendous amount of work with a focus on getting those specific results.

What we go over here, isn’t that.

Yes, we’re putting on muscle, but again.. In strategic areas, mostly, our butt.

If you also want thick hips or wider hips or thick thighs too, this will all work for that as well.

So how do we grow our butt and keep our stomach thin?

Well, let’s start with how we grow our butt/hips/thighs to get that thick look.

Building muscle in those areas requires the same steps as growing any other muscle.

The two main things we need to do.

First, we need to continually challenge the muscles we’re trying to build.

I’ll go into more detail on this and the specific workouts below.

The second thing you must do to get thick is to eat in a caloric surplus – aka eat more calories than you burn.

Again, I’ll go into more detail on this and what to eat below

What Exercises and Workouts to Do to Get Thick

Okay, so what does it mean to continually challenge your muscles?

Simply put, to make sure that your workouts are always difficult.

This makes sense when you understand the basics of how muscle growth works.

When we challenge a muscle during a workout, it creates tiny tears in the muscle tissue.

When the body goes to heal these tears, it added additional muscle fibers.

If our workouts don’t feel challenging, we’re probably not creating these tiny tears and therefore won’t be growing the muscle tissue.

The fastest way to get a thick butt is by lifting heavy.

What is ‘heavy’ only matters in relation to your strength.

Don’t worry about what other people are lifting. As long as it is difficult for you, then it is working.

But what if you don’t have access to a gym with unlimited weights?

There are other ways to challenge our muscles in order to get thick.

We just need to increase the difficulty of our workout.

We can do this by adding resistance instead of weights.

This can be things like resistance bands or glute bands, dumbbells, etc.

You can find my full list of favorite home (basic) workout equipment here.

Another way we can do this is by increasing the number of sets and repetitions that we do.

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Workout Tips to Get Thick

Besides continuously challenging yourself, there are few other miscellaneous tips when it comes to your workouts that will help you get thick as fast as possible.


The first thing is rest.

Remember how I mentioned that your muscle grows when it’s repairing itself?

Well that only happens at rest.

So you only want to be working out your glutes (booty) and legs 2-3 times a week.

And never in continuous days.

For example, if you want to get thick, you might only workout your booty/legs on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.


Another important thing is your form.

If you’re unsure of how exactly to do a movement, stop and search for that movement on YouTube.

There are tons of great videos that will show you exactly how to do any exercise you can think of.


One of the biggest game changers for me was doing glute activation.

Most of us sit on our butt a lot and it doesn’t get used very despite being one of our largest muscles.

Because of this, when we go to work it out, it is sometimes lazy to take on the load.

You may notice you feel a movement more in your quads than your glutes.

Glute activation helps “wake up” our booty muscles and get them primed for working.

What is glute activation though?

Honestly, it’s just a big fancy word for doing some light weight glute focused movements before the rest of your workout.

For example, before I get into my workout, I’ll start with 30 body weight squats and 20 lunges.

When I’m doing them, I’m really focusing on making sure I feel my butt doing the majority of the work – also known as ‘mind muscle connection’.

You want to keep this mindset throughout your workout.

For more detail on how to grow your butt as fast as possible, I have another post on that here.

What to Eat to Get Thick

Okay okay, so we covered the workout portion pretty well.

And we covered a lot on how to get a thick butt, thick hips, and thick thighs…

But if we’re so focused on growing all of those areas how are we going to get a small waist?

Whether you are trying to lose weight or gain muscle, I always highly recommend following macro counting.

Macro counting was hands down the biggest game changer for me.

It’s extremely simple, and most importantly… sustainable!

I’ve been following macro counting now matter what my goals are for 6 years now.

I go in depth on how to count macros here.

The basis is you put in your general info (height, weight, goals, etc.) into a macro calculator.

And then the calculator will output how many carbs, fats, and proteins (aka macronutrients aaka macros) you should be eating.

You will track what you eat in an app like which will automatically tell you how many carbs, fats, and proteins are in your food.

As long as the macros in the food youeat for the day match (or are close) to the number the calculator gave you, that’s all there is to it.

If you are already happy with your waist, then you can skip ahead.

If you still feel like you need to slim down your waist, read on..

If you want to tone your belly AND get thick:

Here’s our dilemma…

To grow muscle optimally, you need to eat more calories than you burn.

To lose fat optimally, you need to eat less calories than you burn.

Those are just the facts, no two ways around it. If you hear differently, they’re trying to sell you lies at the expense of your own time.

Now, you can do both at the same time, BUT one goal is going to take a back seat to the other for this reason.


You need to decide which goal is most important to you.

When you go to the macro calculator link above, it will ask you what your goal is – to lose weight, gain muscle, or just maintain your current weight.

If your primary goal is to tone your belly, then you will want to select lose weight.

You will follow these macros until you reach where you are happy, and then you will continue on to the next step.

If you’re happy with your waist size and are ready to just get thick:

When you go to the macro calculator link above, it will ask you what your goal is – to lose weight, gain muscle, or just maintain your current weight.

You will want to choose ‘gain’ for muscle gain.

By following these macro numbers, and lifting heavy weights, even though you are eating in a surplus, your waist will remain, while the extra calories go towards building muscle and getting you that thick booty, hips and thighs you want!

Full Week of Workouts To Get Thick

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