8 Ways to Find Time to Workout When You’re Crazy busy

Too Busy to Workout? This should help.

Above and beyond the #1 reason I hear of why people struggle to meet their fitness goals is “I don’t have time to workout.”

My response is always – “You don’t have time for what?”

You don’t have time to be healthy? To reach your goals? To reach your full potential? To take care of yourself?

I don’t say that to be harsh, but think about it.

“But I have 3 kids, you don’t understand!”

Your kids deserve the best version of you; a healthy, happy, confident, energized parent. 

Your family and loved ones deserve the best version of you.


Trust me, there was a point not long ago when I was planning my wedding, I was knee deep in building my first home, I worked full time (at a place that required me to commute 45 mins- each way), I was still running this blog and another website I had started, and I was finishing my graduate degree.

I was so short on time that there was a point where I was in the shower, brushing my teeth with one hand and answering an email with the other (don’t worry my phone is waterproof!).

So when you say you are busy, trust me, I get it. But you know what?

I still found time to get my workout in. I’m not a time traveler, I just used some of these tricks..

8 Tips to Find Time to Exercise Even When You’re Busy

Set your priorities.

If your health and fitness is a priority in your life, you will find time. Point blank.

You don’t have a time problem, you have a priority problem.

Every single person on this planet gets the same 24 hours in a day.

If Oprah has time to workout, so do you.

Use your lunch.

I know quite a few people that use this trick.

If you work a full time job and are allotted a lunch break, use part of it for a workout.

If you’re lucky enough to work in a cushy office that has a gym, even better.

Many of us, including myself, are not that fortunate, but even going for a walk outside during that time can burn some extra calories, and is always more than just sitting at your desk.

Don’t drive, walk.

If you’re going somewhere that is just a mile or two away, walk or jog there instead of opting to drive.

Even better if you are again fortunate enough to live close enough to your job so that you can do it regularly.

Change your workout.

One mistake that people often make is not working out because they think it will take too long.

“I don’t have an hour to give to working out.”

That’s fine, because you don’t need a full hour. There are plenty of other options.

You can get in a 15 minute HIIT workout that will burn just as many calories as a 30 minute job or hour walk.

This 8 week home workout plan can completely transform your body and each workout averages just 35 minutes a day.

Plan in advance.

If you are just “hoping” to find time to workout, I have some news for you.. It’s not going to happen.

You have to set aside time.


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Think about the week ahead of you, what days can you find a half hour time slot to fit in a workout?

Planning ahead and even putting it in your calendar will make you much more likely to follow through.

Two Birds. One Stone.

When you’re already strapped for time, it can be difficult to even find time to spend with your significant other and friends.

Knock out 2 birds with one stone by asking them to workout with you.

If they’re not really into working out, it doesn’t have to be a structured workout.

Choose to spend time doing anything active together – go for a walk or hike, try indoor rock climbing.

Still too much? Get creative, ask them to go shopping with you at an outdoor mall where there will be lots of walking.

Play with the kids – or your dog.

Busy parents are many of who I hear from that have a hard time getting away to exercise.

But you don’t have to get away.

Play with your kids as your workout.

Seriously, have you ever seen a toddler play? Do you know how many calories you would burn if you ran around like a nut with a sugar rush with them?

Play tag. Play catch. Play basketball. Go to the batting cages. Go swimming. Go to the park.

If your child is too young to play with, you can just take them for a walk, or even invest in a jogging stroller.

What about when they take a nap? Could you sneak off to another room to get in a quick at home workout?

Set a goal.

The first thing I mentioned on this list was making your health and exercise a priority.

One of the best ways to do that is to have a definitive goal to keep you accountable.

For example, you could sign up to run a 5k.

Having a set goal is a great motivation and accountability technique.

Find a hobby.

I get it, going to the gym or doing burpees in your living is definitely not for everyone.

The good news is that exercise is not limited to those things, not by a long shot.

Anything to get your body moving more than you would have before counts as exercise.

So find something fun that you enjoy.

Maybe you’re into dancing, swimming, boxing, yoga, etc.

Add up your wasted time.

Part of “finding” time is changing your perspective.

Think about how much time you waste in a day.

How much time you spend in front of the TV or scrolling through your phone.

Do you sit on your phone in the morning first thing when you get up? How about before bed? After dinner?

Take advantage of these lost moments.

Try different times.

Sometimes finding time to workout is as simple as finding a different time to workout.

Do you usually plan on working out after work and then something always comes up?

Try working out in the morning, or later at night.

Even if they don’t sound great at first, give it a shot.

I am by no means a morning person, but after a week of forcing myself to try morning workouts, I found that I actually enjoyed them.

I liked starting my day with some quiet time by myself, getting a good sweat in, and having the rest of the day ahead of me knowing I have already completed my workout.

Maybe you usually workout in the morning and hate it but do it only because you’re too tired after work.

I’ve been there, 100%.

Days I exercise after work and am feeling especially tired, I drink a coffee or take a preworkout.


What other tips have you tried that work for you? Comment below!

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