What Is Glute Activation? [With Examples]

Have you ever done a glute exercise but you felt it more in your legs than your glutes? Or do you feel like you’re doing tons of glute growth movemtns with minimal to no results? The answer is Glute Actviation.

Keep reading because glute activation is going to be game changing for you.

Is it just me or is everyone talking about how important glute activation is but hardly anyone is talking about WHAT glute activation is?

Well, you’re here so I’m going to assume yes.

So that’s exactly what I’ll go over.

Along with some of the best glute activation movements.

Glute activation can be absolutely game changing if you have been struggling to see results.

Before we get started, if you’re just started growing your glutes, also make sure you check out my 3 step guide to growing your glutes for beginners.

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How I Grew My Glutes

THE BASICS OF Glute Activation

Going straight into exercise routines is tempting, right?

You’d be like: “gotta get this body in shape faster; let’s frickin go.”

Been there.

My point is most people, especially those that are only beginning to work out, don’t know the value of proper warm-up or preparation.

In exercising, for instance, running, we often head to warm up before starting. However, have you ever wondered why that is?

Why are we talking about running now? Stick with me.

Well, to understand the importance of Glute Activation, we have to review why warmups are essential first.

In exercises, warming-up prepares your body for what physical activity you will undergo a few minutes later.

Think of it as cranking the engine of your car before going for a ride. When we do that, our start will be better, and the rest of the ride or workout will be more effective and less likely to experience problems.

Too long?; hmmm, okay. In short, it’s to prevent you from getting hurt and enables you to benefit more from your exercise.

Okay, moving on with Glute Activation, what is it?

Glute activation is simply doing glute focused movements before your full workout with little to no weight with a strong emphasis on the mind muscle connection (literally just thinking and focusing on making your glutes do the majority of the work for the movement).

what is glute activation

Simply put, it is ‘waking up’ your glute muscles.

I asked in the beginning if you have ever done an exercise that was supposed to be for your glutes but you felt it more in your legs.

As humans, we sit… a lot.

Our glutes tend to ‘fall asleep’ from all this sitting.

Not literally, but they don’t fire for certain movements the way they should always.

By doing body weight glute movements we can prep our glutes and our mind to make the glute muscles start firing and doing the bulk of the work.

During glute activation, all of your movements should be slow, controlled, focusing on using your glute muscles and proper form.

It is highly beneficial since, as per its name, it activates your glutes before the more intense physical activities.

If they’re not activated, your body will not be able to use them fully, thus, lessening the effect of the routines on them.

Why It’s Important TO ACTIVATE GLUTES Before A Glute Workout?

Okay, now that you learn the basics of what Glute Activation is, let’s focus on why it’s essential. I

s it worth the time added before the workout? Is it okay if I don’t do it? Now we’re talking.

As I told you moments ago, glute activation is the act of preparing your glutes for more intense physical tasks.

If they’re inactive, they won’t perform to their fullest.

Glute activation before a workout makes your time more worth it. Why? You might ask.

Since the main goal is to improve your body, every little thing that enhances performance is appreciated.

In this case, when you perform such activities, your glutes will be alive; thus, your body can put more pressure on it, or in other words, be relied upon more.

That sounds like a bad thing, right? Well, it’s not.

If you want to improve a specific body part, the tasks and pressure should be focused there.

Similarly, if your glutes are fully activated, all intended activities will take effect more.

Besides, sometimes, glutes aren’t correctly activated, making it more crucial to prevent pain and, worse, injuries.

How GLUTE ACTIVATION Helps In Growing Glutes Faster?

Wait, there’s more? I thought we’re done by now. No, just yet.

Here’s another quiz for you, does glute activation helps grow glutes faster?

It’s quite a tongue twister, but the answer is simply ‘YES”.

That’s right; since such activities energize your glutes before a workout, they will receive more benefits from physical activities.

Consequently, when they’re more active, their growth will also be faster.

It may seem a minor improvement, but it’s more beneficial than you think.

That’s it; we’re near the end of the guide.

Oh, what a surprise, why is it so short this time?

Well, it’s intended since you’re up for a more intense one in the next heading.

What ARE The Best Glute Activation Exercises?

Whoo! That’s a long discussion, but I’m not tired; you’re tired. Okay, we’re both tired, deal?

Regardless, if you’re now convinced that Glute Activation is highly important and beneficial, then okay, cool, that’s the spirit!

Ready to start with it? Let me help you with that. Here are some of the best Glute Activation exercises:

Monster Walk

  • Stand and coil a band around your legs.
  • Position both your feet at least three steps sideward from each other.
  • Take long steps with your feet one at a time.
  • Repeat this by 24 steps: 4 steps forward and four steps backward.

Banded Squats

  • Stand and coil a band above your knees.
  • Squat, but only up to where your butt and knees are in level.
  • Put pressure on your heels and chest while doing it.
  • Repeat at least ten times.

Donkey Kick

  • Put your knees with your legs closed on the ground while both your hands are leaning against the floor.
  • Wrap a band around your thighs.
  • Inhale, exhale, and extend one of your legs upwards until it’s leveled with your spine.
  • Inhale and lower that leg without it touching the ground.
  • Repeat ten times per leg.

Glute Bridge

  • Lat your back, arms, and feet flat on the ground while extending your knees upwards.
  • Wrap a band around your thighs.
  • Inhale, exhale, and elevate your body from the chest to the knees while keeping your arms and feet entirely still.
  • Inhale and lower your body again.
  • Repeat up to 15 times.

Start Flexing

Now that you’ve understood the importance of glute activation and some of the best exercises for it..

Are you feeling pumped to go out and grow that booty?

Check out my full Booty Building Workout Plan below!

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