Are you ready to look in the mirror and love the body you see?   

Let me show you how to shape your body & still eat the foods you love!

8 week progress

Imagine if you could...​

Look in the mirror and actually be happy with the shape of your body.

Try on clothes and have everything fit amazing.

Go out for drinks with friends without feeling guilty.

finally reach this weight loss goal you've had for so long.

My own 3 month transformation

Sound familiar?

You’re getting dressed up to go out and you’re going through outfit after outfit, hating how everything is fitting.

You want to change, but every time you try to diet you get frustrated that it’s not working fast enough so you end up bingeing and feeling guilty.

You’re overwhelmed by the conflicting information you find online.. where the heck do you start, which one is right?!

Is the only way to lose weight to have crazy will power?! To give up nights out with give up all the foods you love?

Spoiler: No, there is a better way, I promise! Let me explain..

Can I be blunt?

Dieting f*cking sucks.

Well, at least that’s what the world has made us believe.

“You can be skinny, or you can eat pizza. Those are your options.”

To those people, I say… PSHHH.

What if I told you there is a way to still enjoy the foods you love AND lose weight?

No, this is not some late night, infomercial type BS.

I promise it’s not too good to be true, just stick with me here..

8 week progress

Who the heck am I?

Actual pictures from my Facebook if you want to fact check me 😉

I’ll start off by saying, I’m just like you.

About 6 years ago, I was desperatly searching the internet on how to lose weight.

I was gaining weight rapidly and the diets weren’t working.

My confidence plummeted every time I tried to squeeze into jeans.

I would lose a few pounds, but then gain them back the second I wanted a night out with friends.

Because let’s face it, most diets aren’t realistic. 

All the diets I tried before were full of guesswork and lots of “gray areas”

The engineer in me (my full-time job) wanted something more concrete.

“Millions of people lose weight every day,” I thought, “there must be some concrete formula that could reliably provide results.”

Boy is there…

Within 3 months of figuring it out, I lost over 40lbs and was the weight I was in high school again.

If that sounds anything like you, girl, you are in the right place!

I figured out the formula to losing weight, every time..

Don’t let all the science and numbers talk scare you..

If you can answer simple questions like your current age and height, the calculator will do the rest for you!

1. Pick Your Plan

Home workouts.

Gym workouts.

30 minute workouts.

1 on 1 coaching..

There’s a plan for that!


In your plan, you will get a link that will walk you through a questionnaire about your body & lifestyle.

Get the exact numbers that your body needs to reach your goals.

No more guesswork.

3. Love your body AND your life

As long as you follow the numbers, eat whatever you want!

No more giving up your favorite foods, no more bingeing, no more feeling guilty about nights out.

Can you really get results that way? YES! The magic is all in the numbers!

I want to help you to achieve YOUR goals now..

That’s why I created this diet & exercise program – to help you on your journey and show you step by step how to get the results you’re after.

It’s strategically made and based on science & numbers, so no more guesswork and the results are guaranteed.

Our willpower generally sucks, and that’s why..

Nothing is off limits for this “diet”. 

I hate that word because it’s not a diet. I’ve been following this plan for over 6 years now, I’d call that a lifestyle, even if that is cliche to say!

Seriously, I freaking LOVE donuts, and pizza, and tacos, and the list goes on.. 

I’m not giving them up any time soon, so I don’t expect you to either!

No, you can’t eat only pizza and donuts (I wish!).

But, it’s all about creating a balance that let’s you enjoy your life (so that you can actually stick with the diet) and still see results.

What makes you stick to your goals..
.. is a structured program that you will like enough to keep coming back to and one that is kept short and sweet.

A whole group of women encourgaing and cheering you on doesn’t hurt either!

Let's get started picking the perfect plan for you!

What's included?


A real nutrition plan for real women, with real lives. I'm not about to live off of salad, and I don't expect you to either. I'm here to show you a better way, that includes the occasional pizza and drinks with friends!


No one understands how difficult it is for women to lose weight, like a woman who had to do it herself. If there's anything that I understand, it's that one diet does NOT fit all. That's why as part of each plan, you will receive a link that will ask you a few basic questions to customize your nutrition plan for your body and lifestyle!


Your time is valuable. Each workout is strategically made for the fastest and most efficient path to results. Home workouts average just 30 minutes a day!
8 full weeks of workouts included.


Two of the hardest things about getting in shape: 1. Staying accountable & 2. Having a million questions and getting conflicting answers. That's why I offer 1 on 1 support, message me at any time AND get access to our accountability community full of women just like you on the same journey!

Don't Just Take My Word

Let's get started picking the perfect plan for you!

+ Your 7 Day Money Back Guarantee

Worst case scenario is you invest in “The Full Menu Fitness” program and it ends up not working for you.. right?

Well, I have a solution for you.

It’s pretty simple:
If it doesn’t work for you, I’ll insist to refund you the full sum.


Because I want you to be here if YOU want to be here.
It’s not good for you AND for me, if you are forced to pay for a program you get nothing from.


That is dependent on 2 things.

1) What you’re starting point is and how much you have to lose.

2) How hard you work.

If you follow the plan, you will see a dramatic results.

I made the plan with women 21-50 who are beginner to intermediate in mind. 

That being said, I’ve had clients from all walks of life have success with it.

Email me at any time! My email is included in the program!

Anything you want.. In moderation.

The plan goes in depth on how to follow flexible dieting.

I also provide an example meal plan and a list of recommended foods to make it easy to go grocery shopping.

If you try it for 7 days, notice no results at all, or just don’t like it, return it for a full refund.

Complete one on one support. 

Anytime you have a question, are struggle, or just need a little extra support..

You’ll have direct access to me via email, text, or direct message on Instagram (your choice).

It also includes weekly check-ins, updates, and modifications if needed. These are optional, but recommended!

In your plan, you will receive a link where you fill in your current body stats such as height, age, etc – as well as your lifestyle and how active you are.

Using a mathematical formula that has been rigorously tested to produce incredible fitness results, the perfect nutritional guidelines for your body and lifestyle will be calculated.

Let's Find Your Perfect Plan!

Home Workouts

  • 8 week workout plan
  • 30 minute home workouts.
  • Custom nutritional guidelines based on your body, lifestyle and goals.
  • No foods off limits nutrition plan.
  • Recommended foods list for easy grcoery shopping.
  • Access to the accountability group filled with women on the same journey to support you!

GYM Workouts

  • 8 week workout plan
  • Custom nutritional guidelines based on your body, lifestyle and goals.
  • No foods off limits nutrition plan.
  • Recommended foods list for easy grcoery shopping.
  • Access to the accountability group filled with women on the same journey to support you!
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