3 Steps to Get a Bigger Butt as Fast as Possible [with Pictures]

Who the heck knew that the key to getting a bigger butt as fast as possible could be dont just by working out?!

Okay, in fairness there’s a little more to it than that, but…

The days of feeling like you’re doomed to a life of pancake booty-ness are over.

How would I know?

I thought for a long time that I was going to be doomed to a pancake booty forever.


…Until I learned how to build a butt just by a few key compenents to working out right.

Okay, so let’s get into what you cam here for…

Steps to Get a Bigger Butt

Step 1: The Workouts…

You might be thinking, “I already know… lots of SQUATS!”

Honestly, that’s not really true.

The workouts you want to be doing to get a bigger butt as fast as possible need to have a few key components.

Arguably the most important factor in getting a bigger butt fast is progressive overload.

Okaaaay.. What the heck is progressive overload?

Put simply, it’s just the idea of continually challenging your muscles.

The easiest way to incrementally add weight.

If you don’t have access to a gym, this can also be done by adding resistance with resistance bands or simply increasing volume in the number of repetitions you do.

The second key to getting a bigger butt by working out is to make sure your workouts are planned and strategic.

Squats are great, but your workout should include compound and accessory movements.

Squats are compound.

This means you’re working more than one muscle group when doing it.

Versus an accessory movement if focused on one specific muscle – in this case, your butt!

Strategy also includes timing. 

Meaning what days you workout, how many days you workout, and how much time you rest in between.

If you want to get a bigger butt as fast as possible, you should be working out your glutes 2-3 days per week and resting them in between.

Our muscles grow during our rest periods when your muscles are repairing themselves – making rest time essential.

Step 2: Eat Right

The most overlooked aspect of growing your glutes is nutrition.

If you’re crushing your workouts and still not seeing results, it’s probably related to your diet.

A common mistake that women often make is wanting to lose weight and also get a bigger butt at the same time.

Doing this in any significant fashion is virtually impossible.


Well.. to lose weight you have to eat fewer calories than you burn.

To gain muscle, you have to eat more calories than you burn.

Do you see the problem here?

Since we’re focusing on growing our booties, notice that we have to be eating in a caloric surplus.

Step 3: Plan!

This is the part where most people fall off.

They think they don’t need a plan.

That they will ‘commit’ to going to the gym 2-3 days a week, and when they get there they’ll just have some rough idea in their head about what booty workouts they’ll do.

I’m telling you from experience, you will see results so much faster if you follow a specific plan.

A plan will not only make sure that all of the key components are hit including timing, rest days, nutrition, the correct mix of exercises…

But it will also help you to stay accountable.

(Assuming you choose a plan that is good!)

But where ever will you find such a plan that can help you grow your butt as fast as possible?!

Yup! You guessed it, right here!

how to get a bigger butt as fast as possible

I would love to help you grow your booty and feel amazing in your jeans!

Here are my own results from following this plan.

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