One Trick to Increase Weight Loss Success by 37%

You may or may not have noticed by now that I’ve been cage fighting for about a year now.

(*SHOCK* The girl that started the Alpha Women community cages fights..)

That may or may not come as a shock to some of you.. any way, it’s insanely fun.

The reason I’m mentioning it is because part of competing is cutting weight.

There are specific weight classes and most people cut weight to be as big as possible in the lightest weight bracket.

Including myself.

I’m in the midst of a weight cut right now.

The funny thing is, long before I actually sign up to fight, I always say I’m starting early so that I don’t have to lose weight at the last minute.

But then I end up falling for the same crap I warn you guys about..

I’m eating healthy.

I’m getting my workouts in.

….anddd… I’m not losing any weight.

But then.. like MAGIC, I hit the submit button to officially sign up for my fight at a lower weight class than what I weigh in that moment…

and the weight starts falling off.

Is it really magic?

No, of course not. So what happens?

A date. A date happens.

I am given a date that I HAVE to lose weight by, or I don’t get to compete.. and I lose the money I paid to sign up.

Something happens in our brain when we give our goal a hard date..

It finds a way to make it happen.. because it HAS to.

You stop lying to yourself about little cheats here and there.

You stop making excuses for why you can’t workout that day.

It forces you to face reality and do what needs to be done.

Every single time that I’ve made tons of progress and got super lean, it was when I had a hard date I had to meet.

I lost 40+lbs….. before I knew I was going to be in a bikini by a pool in Vegas.

I seen abs for the first time……. while I was getting in shape for my wedding.

I’m leaner and stronger than ever…… when I sign up for a fight.

It got me curious, so I did some math..

I encourage my clients to check in with me on their progress weekly.

It’s not required, but I strongly encourage it.

Knowing at the end of the week, you have to face reality and send me your progress pictures, weight, how much you followed the plan has a shockingly significant impact on your results.

Those who chose to check in with me during the 8 week body transformation challenge program I offer lost on average 37% more weight than those who chose not to.

Just some food for thought.

Set a goal for yourself. Give the goal a date. Proclaim to the world your intention to meet that goal…

Then f*cking CRUSH it.

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