Low-Calorie Snack Ideas [How to Eat Ice Cream and Pizza and Still Lose Weight]

The thing I struggled with most when trying to lose weight was giving up my favorite snacks – so I started searching for low calorie snack ideas like crazy!

That was over 5 years ago now, so I’ve acquired quite the list of low cal snacks.

My philosophy on weight loss is all about being realistic.

Many diets out there want you to give up your favorite foods.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I am not about that life.

Any diet that completely puts certain foods off-limits just is NOT going to last long term.

If you are new here, HEY! & Welcome to the place where we eat what we want and still lose weight.

Besides low calorie snacks…

First and foremost, the absolute best way to be able to still enjoy your favorite foods and still reach your weight loss goal is to adopt flexible dieting.

I’ve talked ad nauseam about flexible dieting, so..

I’ll save the lecture here, but if you’re interested in learning more about it, just enter your info below and you’ll get my calorie calculator – AND I’ll walk you through step by step how flexible dieting works and my entire approach to losing weight and enjoying life and the foods you love!

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Sub your favorite snacks with low-calorie alternatives.

Aside from flexible dieting, finding low-calorie substitutions to your favorite foods is my other favorite way to lose weight without giving up delicious foods.

Of course, you can always Google “Low calorie recipe for _____”.

But honestly, I’m not a cook. I’m not good at it and I do not enjoy it (understatement of the century).

SO.. Here are my top favorite low-calorie, prepackaged, substitutions for my favorite foods.

Any time I am cutting weight, I always stock up on these.

Side note.. Are these “healthy”? Eh, I wouldn’t go that far.

Sticking to as much “whole” “clean” foods as you can is always ideal (i.e. veggies, meats, fruits, etc.), but c’mon, we’re human.

I’m not saying to eat nothing but the foods listed below, but we’re alllll about balance here.

Incorporating in the foods below and creating a balance of healthy whole foods along with foods you love, is the way to weight loss that you can actually maintain and enjoy life with.

Okay enough rambling..

15 Best Low-Calorie Snack Ideas.

I’ll try to link as many as I can, but obviously some of these might only be in stores!

Fiber One 70 Calorie Brownie Bars

I freaking love these.

The mint fudge is my favorite, but they also have plain fudge, a cinnamon coffee cake, birthday cake, and more.

I have an entire basket full in my pantry right now.

Pair this with 1 cup of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk…?! Try to find a better snack under 100 calories, I’ll wait. lol

Where to get them: Besides Amazon, I’ve also gotten these from pretty much every store I’ve ever grocery shopped at. They’re usually in the cereal aisle or by the granola bars.

Flex Protein Chips

When you think of snacking what do you think of?

I think of chips, something to much on.

These are a newer discovery for me and I. Am. Obsessed.

The entire bag is only 90 calories… and 10g of protein!

Making it now only a great low-calorie snack idea, but also a high protein snack idea!! Double win.

Which might make you think there’s barely any chips in there, but NO! In my opinion, there is a decent amount of chips, enough to satisfy my craving by far (which is not an easy task lol).

They have a bunch of different flavors, but the BBQ is my go to.

Where to get them: I bought this box off Amazon, but I’ve also seen them in some stores, which I truly wish I remembered which ones, Sorry!

100 Cal Ice Cream Sandwiches

SKINNY COW Viva Vanilla Snackers Ice Cream Sandwiches, 8 ...

Life changing.

Two words to describe these if I had to sum them up.

100 freaking calories?! and they’re soooo good.

They’re not a full, regular size ice cream sandwich, but they’re definitely much better than others that I’ve seen.

Where to get them: I’ve always gotten mine at Meijer, soif they’re there, I would guess other similar stores have them as well!

35 Calorie Bread

rice | My Meals are on Wheels

My mom bought me a loaf of this waaay back when I was very first trying to lose weight.

It absolutely blew my mind.

Each slice is only 35 freaking calories and it tastes like regular bread!!

It’s not quite as dense, but for 35 calories, I say dense-schmence!

For reference, a typical slice of bread is 70 calories as up.

It’s also a key ingredient in how I make my low calorie, high protein French Toast ?

Where to get it: I’ve gotten this at pretty much every store. Target, Meijer, Jewel, Walmart, etc. Aldi even has a similar version. Different brand, but still 35 calls per slice.

Protein Muffins

I’ve probably eaten 500 of these muffins over the years.

Not exaggerating.

I like to incorporate a decent amount of protein in my breakfast and did I mention.. I hate cooking? lol

Throw in a 1/4 cup fo water, stir and pop these in the microwave for 40ish seconds and BOOM, breakfast is done.

My favorites are the chocolate peanut butter, maple, and cinnamon roll.

These are great as a low cal snack or for breakfast!

Where to get it: Amazon or Walmart.

Protein Toaster Waffles

These are also a more recent find for me and have been my go-to lately.

I loooove the blueberry.

Where to get it: I get mine at Target, but I’ve had people tell me they’ve found them at all the typical stores such as Meijer, Sam’s, etc.

5 Calorie Syrup


Okay, not a snack, BUT I had to mention it because it goes hand in hand with the waffles.

Can’t have waffles without syrup right?

But with typical syrup coming in at a whopping 200cals per 1/4 cup… that kind of kills our whole low cal thing, right?

But what if the syrup only have 5 calories?!

Boom. Mic drop.

5 freaking calories.

Where to get it: Amazon or I get this at Target. If you can’t find it, just look for the “sugar-free syrup” options. Log Cabin is another popular brand and still only has 10 cals.

0 Calorie Spray Butter

Again, not a snack, but perfect to add to other snacks so had to mention it.

A friend of mine turned me onto this one.

Not sure how I never thought of it before.

I put this on a bunch of stuff, including my waffles!

It’s also great on steamed broccoli with some Pink Himalayan Salt. (What I use over regular salt, you can read about the benefits here).

Protein Juice

I’m cheating a little bit on this one.

It is a good substitute for other juices if you want something sweet, but..

More than anything, I had to include it some where.

I LOOOVE these. SOO much better tasting than powdered protein.

I just had to tell you guys about it, so fitting it in here.

Where to get it: I get it on Amazon again, but I’ve also seen it in vending machines at different gyms as well as my local Red Mango (smoothie/juicing chain store) sells them.

PB Fit Peanut Butter

One of my many favorite breakfasts is Peanut Butter and Banana toast.

Literally just what it sounds like, toast with peanut butter and I slice up bananas on top.

But dang peanut butter has a lot of calories in it! Like 200+ cals for 2 tablespoons, versus only 70 for this.

I’ve raved about PB2 for a long time, and I still like that, but then I found this jug on Amazon.

They taste about the same, but a little jar of PB2 was about $7 and I got this huge tub of PBFit for less than $12.

Just mix it with a little water and boom, peanut butter is born.

Where to get it: Amazon.

Flavored Protein Peanut Butter

If you’re not quite ready to fully move into powdered peanut butter, I also love the Nuts N More line.

Still higher calorie, but the macros on it are much better.

They also come in a TON of different delicious flavors.

Where to get it: Amazon, I’ve also seen them in my local nutrition stores like GNC or NutriShops.

Halo Top Ice Cream

This is one of the more well know items on this list.

Perhaps the king of low-calorie snack ideas.

The list just wouldn’t be complete without it.

280 calorie for the ENTIRE pint, what else do I need to say, except TAKE MY MONEY.

The cookies and cream is my personal favorite.

Where to get it: They have a handy tool on their site that tells you which store around you sell your favorite flavors.

G Hughes  BBQ Sauce

If you’re like me, you need some sauce in your life.

A girl can only eat so much plain chicken.

G Hughs is the man for coming up with so many delicious low-calorie sauces.

Where to get it: Amazon or I’ve seen it in some local grocery stores.

45 Calorie Hot Dogs


Omg I love these.

I know I keep saying that, but when I say these foods are my go-to, I mean it!

It has to be the Ballpark brand, all-white meat turkey dogs, but they’re only 45 calories!

These are the perfect low calorie snack idea..

I’ll pop 2 in the microwave for 3 seconds, put them on a slice of the 35 calorie bread with some G Hughs ketchup – perfect!

Where to get them: Locally, I’ve only found them at my Meijer, but other Targets and Walmarts sell the same brand so I’m sure some of them have them, just not mine sadly.

Quest Pizzas


This is another new find for me.

The entire pizza is about 650 cals.

Yes, that’s still a decent amount, but for a full pizza!?

Plus, the macros are great coming in with 54g of protein per pizza as well.

Where to get it: I get mine at Target.

That’s all I have for now!

I’m sure there’s others I’m just forgetting, so I’ll add as I think of them.

If you have any other suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comments!

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