Quick & Easy High Protein Breakfast Ideas

High Protein Breakfast Ideas to Help You Lose Weight

When I’m planning my meals, breakfast is always the biggest question mark for me. Since I follow IIFYM, having a breakfast that has tons of protein in it is important for me.

I am NOT a morning person and I’m also not a cook, so I need high protein breakfast options that are quick and extremely easy.

Oh, my other problem is that I LOVE a carb-y breakfast. Toast, muffins, pancakes, french toast, I love it all! But those things aren’t “healthy” or high protein in nature, so you’ll find some of my high protein adaptations of those below!

Here are my top favorite high protein breakfast options that are quick, easy, and yummy! ?

1. Acai Bowl or Smoothie Bowl

High protein breakfast options

I looove smoothie bowls! They’re so easy and ridiculously delicious!

Basically they are just smoothies.. in a bowl (shocker) instead of a cup, topped with sliced fruit, granola, and/or nuts and seeds.

Acai bowls are just a specific type of smoothie bowl where the main smoothie mix is from Acai. Acai is touted as a super-food with claims of being a powerful anti-oxidant.

On it’s own, a smoothie bowl would NOT be considered a high protein breakfast option. It would usually be high carb, BUT, I’ve made some additions that will add tons of protein.

All you need to do to is start with your smoothie base. This can be any smoothie you would normally make, or I typically will get pre-packaged, frozen Acai or smoothie packets from my grocery store (usually in the frozen fruit area).

Here’s where we add a lot of the protein. Before I actually blend the mixture, I will add a scoop of unflavored, low carb, protein powder (this is the exact one that I use). I promise you will not taste it at all. You could also add greek yogurt too. I’ve found that the Dannon Light & Fit Greek yogurt has the best macros that I’ve seen.

After blending, dump your mixture into a bowl and add a handful of granola, blueberries, and a scoop of protein peanut butter. Peanut butter has a decent amount of protein, but they make peanut butter specifically with added protein in it. I looooove this cinnamon roll one by Buff Bake.

2. Protein Pancakes


The best part about protein pancakes, is that they taste just like regular pancakes.

They also make protein pancake mix, so they’re as easy as mixing powder, water and throwing it on a pan. I do not cook, especially in the morning, but these seriously take me 5 minutes max.

If I’m looking for some extra protein in my breakfast, I’ll substitute some of the water that the package calls for with egg whites or skim milk.

Most stores I’ve seen carry a brand called Kodiak Cakes.

My personal favorite and what I’ve found to have the most protein with the fewest carbs and calories is from Flap Jacked (you can get it on Amazon).

I use sugar free syrup on mine to save on cals there too!

3. Protein Waffles

High Protein Breakfast Ideas

An added benefit of the pancake mix mentioned above, is that you can also use it to make waffles!

If I’m sick of the pancakes, I’ll just make the mix the same as always, but dump it in my waffle iron instead!

4. Mighty Muffins


These muffins.

There was a solid year span that I ate one of these muffins every single day. I wish I were exaggerating.

They have tons of different flavors and pack 20 grams of protein.

You rip the top off, mix in a little bit of water, and throw it in the microwave for 30 seconds and boom – MUFFIN!

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5. This Fat Burning Smoothie with a Secret Ingredient


Listing smoothies is a bit of a cop-out just because they’re listed in every high protein breakfast idea list ever made, so sorry.

But I’m listing it any way because mine has a secret, fat burning, ingredient!

Here is my ultimate smoothie recipe – I promise it tastes sooo good!

I eyeball most of it, but just dump it in a blender and you’re done – one high protein, fat burning, smoothie power house breakfast!

6. Overnight Oats

High protein breakfast overnight oats
Credit: Wholefully.com

Overnight oats is one protein packed breakfast that I don’t do enough. Mostly because I’m not thinking about breakfast the night before, but they are delicious.

They aren’t super protein packed by nature, but just dump a scoop of unflavored or vanilla zero carb protein powder in and it will be!

Wholefully.com has a great list of 8 different overnight oat recipes.

The image above mentions maple syrup, but I would personally substitute that with sugar free syrup.

7. Eggs & Turkey Bacon


Can you ever really go wrong with a little B&E?

Definitely not. It’s a classic.

Just sub out the regular bacon for turkey bacon and you’re good to go!

I realize turkey bacon is not for everyone, but I have actually grown to have a preference for it, give a shot!

8. English Muffin Breakfast Sandwich


This one I have alllll the time for dinner actually, but technically it’s more of a breakfast item.

Nothing wrong with a little breakfast for dinner though!

This one is super simple.

I use 1, 100 calorie whole wheat English muffin toasted and top it with avocado and 1 full cup of liquid egg whites.

Tons of protein from the liquid egg whites, healthy fats, and carbs – it’s got everything! Plus it’s DELICIOUS and takes about 5 minutes to make!

9. No Tortilla Breakfast Burrito

Low carb breakfast burrito

Credit: Delish.com

This one and the next idea are on my list of must tries, but I haven’t quite gotten to them yet. I pinned them a while ago and am dying to try them because they look amazing!

The first one is this low carb breakfast burrito recipe from Delish.

The secret – they don’t even use tortillas. They make them out of an egg mixture. Are you kidding me?! GENIUS.

10. Egg Cups

High protein egg cup breakfast recipe

Credit: YourModernFamily.com

If I had a dollar for every time I said, “I should make egg cups” I’d be a hundred-aire.

They sounds great. Almost no carbs, high protein, grab and go? Right up my alley.

I’ve had this egg cup recipe pinned for a while now. It looks amazing.

11. Eggs & Oats


I call this the “bodybuilder special.”

Most bikini competitor models on Instagram I’ve seen posting this at some point as their breakfast during their weight cut/prep.

It’s packed with nutrients, energy, and protein.

I have to be honest, it is lacking in the delicious-department, but it’s not bad. Just bland.

Beauty is pain, amirite!

12. Protein Coffee

High protein coffee

If you’re a coffee drinker like me, that is one super easy way to get more protein in in the morning.

The hardest part of eating clean for me was giving up my beloved flavored coffee creamer.

The best substitute I found was using a little bit of a premixed protein drink in it’s place.

I’ve also tried the protein coffee in the image above which was pretty good, but I forgot to reorder after a I finished it.

Alright, that’s all I can think of for now guys! Let me know what you think in the comments or message me on Instagram!

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