5 Weight Loss Tips That Require Zero Effort

Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast Without Trying

I believe what stops many people from even starting a weight loss journey is the feeling of being overwhelmed.

It feels like such a huge task that they don’t know where to start and end up not starting at all.

It is true, losing weight requires a lot of work and dedication, but there are still small changes you can make that will get you started losing weight.

The 5 tips below require almost zero effort, but will make a significant impact on your weight.

Diet tips to lose weight fast

For even more tips, try these 30 ways to get motivated to lose weight!

1. Make simple switches.

Probably the hardest part of losing weight is eating right – aka resisting all the sweet, delicious food. You don’t have to do it all at once though.

Try these simple substitutions to cut calories without even noticing a difference.

      1. Substitute sugar for stevia (Truvia is the popular brand name, but there’s lots of options). Sugar was so hard for me to cut, especially from my coffee. I was NOT a fan of the taste of artificial sweeteners like Sweet N Low either – not to mention those are TERRIBLE for you. Stevia is an all natural sweetener extracted from the Stevia plant. When I tell you I cannot tell a difference between Stevia and sugar, it’s been an amazing find for me.
      2. If you need something to munch on, try skinny popcorn, or my favorite – flavored mini rice cakes. That sounds terrible, I know, I was skeptical at first, but holy smokes are these good and do not taste like boring rice cakes at all.
      3. Switch out your usual ice cream for frozen yogurt, Halo ice cream (uses stevia instead of sugar), or fruit juice Popsicle.
      4. Swap your regular mayo for miracle whip or mustard.
      5. Use a vinaigrette on your salad instead of fattier dressings like ranch.

2. Cut the soda

If you’re a soda drinker and looking to lose weight, this is my number one advice.

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I won’t get on my soap box about how bad it is for you, so I’ll just leave it at this – you will literally lose weight by doing nothing else if you cut out pop!

Oh, and that does not mean switch to diet. If you need to switch to diet to help you transition, that’s okay, but that stuff is terrible for you!

If you have to switch to diet, try a stevia based soda as  opposed to one that uses artificial sweeteners.

3. Drink more water/Add flavor to your water.

You’ve probably heard this one before.

“Fitness-y” people are always going on and on about how you should drink more water (guilty).

I personally drink at least a gallon a day.

Drinking water gets pretty boring though and it can be especially difficult if you’re used to drinking a lot of juice or soda.

I love adding Mio to my water. They have tons of flavors and even ones that offer energy. This is probably going to sound silly, but getting a cute water bottle seriously helps me drink more! 🙈

4. Don’t let yourself get hungry.

I never cheat/binge more than I do when I’m starvinggg.

I eat probably 6 times a day on average.

Eating frequently keeps me from getting super hungry and I’m much more likely to stick to my healthy eating plan.

These aren’t all huge meals – I have my normal breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but I also have planned snacks between them and one after my workout.

Think about when you go grocery shopping when you’re hungry. How much unnecessary crap do you buy?

Generally, we make better food choices when we’re not hungry.

Speaking of grocery shopping, here’s a bonus tip. Obviously, don’t go to the store hungry. You’ll be more likely to buy junk food.

If there is junk food in my house, I will eat it. I’m only human.

So I just don’t buy it.

I also use a service called Shipt, where for $50 a year, they’ll do my grocery shopping and deliver them to my door. I’m basically in love with this service.

The added bonus for me is that by picking my groceries on an app, I only ever get exactly what I need.

I’m never tempted to buy a pack of cookies that I never would have otherwise thought of, but now they’re staring me in the face and I neeed them!

Easy weight loss tips for lazy people.

5. Park farther.

Or anything that will cause you to walk more without ‘working out’.

My mom lost over 50lbs a few years ago and the only things she changed were some swaps for healthier options in her diet and walking an hour a day.

Her walking was more deliberate (she would walk on the treadmill while watching her favorite show), but the point stands.

You could choose to go to the mall and walk around instead of going to the movies where you’ll just be sitting.

Or do what I do and drink so much water that you’re walking to the bathroom every 15 minutes, lol joking.. kind of.

These are just a few to get you started. If you want more tips, here are 30 Weight Loss Motivation Techniques!!

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