Can you make money blogging? [2021 analysis]

With seemingly so much of our lives being put up for others to see on our social media feeds in the form of pictures, videos, or short, curt status messages, it could be argued that we are more in touch with one another than ever before.

With so much of our free time already being spent checking our phones to see what is going on online, it makes perfect sense as to why blogging as a career or side hustle has surged in popularity in recent years-and will continue to surge.

For those of us with passions for writing or creating content, the idea to turn to blogging as either a money-making hobby or as our main career is a no-brainer.

But can you make money blogging?

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The first question many ask when pondering whether or not to pursue blogging as a creative outlet is whether or not they could possibly make any money from it.

And if so, then how?

The answer is yes, blogging can be and has proved to be a very lucrative career for many, and it has been shown time and time again that you can make money from blogging.

Those with passions for blogging and who devout their time and effort into perfecting their craft can prove to be very successful in the field, both in financial aspects and just in overall online popularity.

Of course, as with most careers or side hustles, it takes patience and hours poured into your blog before you can reap the benefits this unique field offers.

An important thing to consider when thinking about starting a blogging career is picking a specific niche to get into.

Ideally, your chosen niche should be something that you know a lot about already, enjoy writing or speaking about, and can devout a lot of time researching or learning more about.

Some popular blogging niches that get a lot of traction year after year-in other words, blogs that make you the most money- are:

  • parent/mommy blogs
  • fashion blogs
  • travel blogs
  • health and fitness blogs
  • finance blogs


All of these mentioned can not only be a fun way for you to tap into your creative side and have some fun with your career or side-hustle, but they are also very much in demand by many when looking for their newest blog to get into.

Once you gain traction on your new blog with some devoted readers and/or commenters, that’s when the desired money from blogging can start rolling in.

So, how exactly can you make money blogging?

Well, there are several different ways.

Once you establish an online presence, you may be contacted by brands for sponsorships. For example, if you run a health and fitness blog, a workout apparel company may contact you to wear their clothing in either a blog post or social media post in exchange for money.

Another way is through affiliate marketing, which is an extremely popular method for fashion bloggers.

This method is typically done through the blogger receiving money in exchange for providing their readers or viewers a link to a product they have mentioned and/or endorsed to them-when the readers then proceed to buy the product through that link, a piece of the profit is directed right back to the blogger.

Easy enough, right?

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A third way you can make money blogging is by offering services.

This is a beneficial mode to take if you are someone who has a specific talent in an area, such as freelance writing, editing, photography or designing clothing.

By starting your own website and marketing yourself in this way, potential customers can easily find and contact you, making for a seamless, easy process to make the most money possible in a quick fashion.

With all that being said, you may be wondering just how much money you can make blogging when all is said and done.

Well, it all comes down to the level of traction on your site.

According to Grant Sabatier from Milliennial Money, 1,000 page views a month on your blog can equate to roughly $10-$25 a month for the blogger (Sabatier, 2020).

However, these numbers are typically just for the beginners starting out.

Top performers estimating 100,000 page views per month are seeing the likes of $25,000 a month from just their blogs alone.

It is also important to allocate time into designing your blog to look visually appealing. Design is extremely important to not only get people to stick around and read what you have to say, but also to ensure that they will recommend your content to their colleagues and friends.

It is important to make sure that everything on your site is bright, easy to read and understand, and free of any grammar or spelling mistakes.

The more time you dedicate to making your blog look the absolute best it can be, the higher chances there are for it to take off and prove to be successful.

If there were any doubts in your mind about choosing to start your own blog, I hope this article has encouraged you to think about the benefits of doing just that.

On top of that, if you were previously wondering about if you can make money from blogging, hopefully this provided you with some level of hope for your future monetary success.

Not only will blogging only continue to grow in popularity as the years go on, but since there are so many topics that can be blogged about, there is room for virtually everyone to join in on this amazing opportunity to make money.

Paired with the ease and comfort of knowing that blogging can be done from anywhere in the world, and on your own schedule, it really is the perfect endeavor for just about anyone who longs to write or be creative in their spare time.

Even if you are unsure on where to begin, it does not hurt to try. With so many unique, specific niches to pick from, there is certainly one that will interest you enough to write about and research on.

So, in short, significant money can be made from blogging–and you should get in on the profits!

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