How to Get Wider Hips [Full Workout + Tips & Pics]

How to Get Wider Hips Naturally: The Basics

First things first, I’m saying wider hips, but that’s just for ease of understanding.

We obviously can’t widen our hip bone..

But we can build up the muscle around it to make them appear wider.

Here’s an example of my wider hips before and after:

wider hips before and after
how to get wider hips before and after

How I did this is actually very simple – and I promise you can do it too!

It was by working on growing my glute (butt) muscles.

Your butt is made up of 3 muscle groups.

One is the largest part of your booty, but then there are 2 smaller muscles on the sides (called the gluteus medius and minimus).

By growing these muscles, it not only give you a bigger more rounded booty..

It also gives you wider hips naturally, just by working out!

Here’s a picture of those 3 butt muscle groups..

The gluteus maximus is the biggest... - Freedom Physiotherapy & Wellness  Centre | Facebook

Many of our movements will focus on the gluteus medius and minimus in the picture above.

As you can see those are the muscles that are really around the hip area.

By growing those, they will give us the appearance of wider hips.

Okay, so how do we grow those muscles..

That’s what we’ll go over next.

Steps to Get Wider Hips Naturally

Growing your butt (and therefore the appearance of your hips), is no different than growing any other muscle.

There are a few absolute musts when it comes to growing your butt in order to get wider hips naturally..

Let’s go over the steps..

1. Continuously Challenge Your Muscles

One thing you will hear a lot when trying to grow muscle is to LIFT HEAVY!

That’s a good generalization, but what does that mean exactly and what is considered “heavy” – and what if you can’t?

When people say to lift heavy weights, it means while you are doing your workout, add as much weight as you can lift for the set amount of repetitions.

For example, if your workout plan says to do 10 squats, you should be using an amount of weight that if challenging enough for you that by rep 8, you are really working to finish and by rep 10 you almost wouldn’t even be able to do 1 more.

This is important especially when you’re starting out because you may see other people lifting heavier weights and be concerned that you’re not doing enough.

Don’t think this way!

All that matters is that the weight you are lifting is challenging for you.

If you continually do that (along with the other steps in this list), you will see results.

“Uhm okay, but I workout at home and I don’t have any weights.”

Okay, no problem.

Yes, you will get results faster by being in a gym with access to seemingly endless amounts of weight BUT…

It is still possible to get results at home.

But you should really have some small basic equipment, such as some resistance bands and/or dumbbells for best results.

Here’s a list of my favorite at-home workout equipment.

These small pieces of equipment will help us to add resistance and therefore continue to challenge our muscles and therefore GROW them!

2. EAT!

Here’s one of the best parts of trying to get wider hips..

The food!!!

In order to optimally grow your muscles, you need to eat more calories than you burn.

That is a must and should be first priority.

After that, you want to focus on getting enough protein.

How much protein you need depends on many different factors about your body composition, lifestyle, and goals.

The easiest way to determine how much protein you need is by using a macro calculator like this one.

If you’re interested in learning the ins and out of how macros work you can read all about that here.

3. Rest.

Technically, our muscles aren’t growing when we’re working out.

We’re actually damaging them.

The way they grow is while we’re resting after.

Our body goes to work repairing the damaged muscles by adding more muscle fibers, which in turn increase the size of our muscles and in our case, gives us our wider hips.

That means resting our muscles between workouts is extremely important.

I recommend training your glutes (hips) 2-3 times per week.

These should not be done back to back though.

For example a week of workouts to get wider hips might look something like this:

  • Monday: Glutes/Hips
  • Tuesday: Upper Body & Abs
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: Glutes/Hips
  • Friday: Upper Body & Core
  • Saturday: Glutes/Hips
  • Sunday: Full body or rest

4. Consistency

This one is self-explanatory, but it’s still important enough that I feel I need to mention it.

Building muscle in order to get wider and bigger looking hips takes time.

Don’t expect to see massive results after a week.

That’s where most people fail.

They don’t see instant results so they quit.

Stick with it.

Get a program and finish it through, trust the process.

5. Do the right workouts.

One of the fears I often hear from women is wanting to grow their hips and/or booty, but not wanting the rest of their body to get bigger.

They don’t want their waist to grow or to have humongous thighs.

I wanted the same thing.

And that’s definitely possible if you do the right workouts.

In fariness, your legs will grow some, that’s unavoidable.

But they match your new hips and booty to look natural.

You definitely won’t have huge, shredded quads.

We do this through a combination of compound and accessory or iso movements.

Compound movements work more than one muscle group.

These are exercises such as squats and deadlifts.

These are the types of workouts that will grow your legs as well as your hips and butt.

But they are still very, very important to do because they will help add the most volume the fastest.

Accessory movements on the other hand only focus on one muscle group.

These are exercises such as glute kickbacks or hip abductions.

These don’t add as much mass, but they help us to shape and lift the glutes and hips.

These are especially important for getting wider hips.

Remember that picture of the 3 glute muscles in the beginning of this article?

Those smaller muscle groups closest to our hips are some of the main focus for our accessory movements and will do wonders for making our hips appear wider.

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6. Form.

Form simply means doing the exercise correctly.

Just going through the motions of an exercise is not going to get you the results you want.

A common complaint I hear is “I don’t feel this working my glutes”.

Well, that means something is wrong.

Yes, you want to lift heavy, but not at the expense of your form.

If you do not feel it working the correct muscle group, stop and readjust.

If you’re not sure what the “correct form” is for an exercise, I highly recommend going into YouTube and searching for the exercise.

There are tons and tons of videos on there showing the correct form of any exercise you can think of.

Full Workout for Wider Hips

Okay, so now that you know the steps on how to get wider hips, let’s get into what an actual workout would look like!


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