Diets That Give You More Energy

Photo Credit: Pexels There are a lot of diets out there that promise to give you more energy. It can be hard to know which ones are worth trying, and which ones aren’t.  So let’s look at a few different diets that have been shown to give people more energy. Don’t forget to also check …

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How to Get Bigger Hips Naturally in 4 Steps

How to Get Bigger Hips Naturally?

If you’ve seen some influencers lately, you’ll be surprised with their shapely, curvy hips. “Thicc” hips are all the rave, and they’re sexy, giving you the perfect hourglass body. This begs the question: is there a way to get bigger hips naturally, or does your genetics bind you? Whether you’re working out at home or …

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ow to get a bigger butt fast

I started out just like you, by typing something like ‘how to get a bigger butt’ into Google, hoping for some magic silver bullet answer that would give me a bigger butt FAST. I got a bunch of results about doing more squats and donkey kicks and blah blah blah. I tried all of that …

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Hip Dip Exercises to Minimize Their Appearance

best hip dip exercises

Looking for hip dip exercises to get rid of them? Cool. You’re in the right place. The world loves to tell you to embrace your hip dips and just love your body. I love the thought of that, but that doesn’t work for everybody. It definitely didn’t work for me. I HATED my hip dips …

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Why Your Glutes Aren’t Growing [I CAN Help!]

“I’ve done like a million squats, WHY AREN’T MY GLUTES GROWING?!?” I actually Googled that one time… The top result mentioned, “you just might not have the genes.” And I thought well.. that must be it… “I’m incapable of having a butt, it’s just my genes” BULL. SHIT. That article still makes me mad.. because …

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HOW to Get Rid of Hip Dips EASY [YES it’s possible!]

If you’re wondering how to get rid of hip dips… I’ll save you the drama and cut straight to the point, can you get rid of hip dips with exercise? YES (with a caveat, I’ll explain in a minute). First the important part, proof that there is hope! Here is my hip dip before and …

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What Is Glute Activation? [With Examples]

what is glute activation

Have you ever done a glute exercise but you felt it more in your legs than your glutes? Or do you feel like you’re doing tons of glute growth movemtns with minimal to no results? The answer is Glute Actviation. Keep reading because glute activation is going to be game changing for you. Is it …

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Can you make money blogging? [2021 analysis]

can you make money blogging

With seemingly so much of our lives being put up for others to see on our social media feeds in the form of pictures, videos, or short, curt status messages, it could be argued that we are more in touch with one another than ever before. With so much of our free time already being …

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How Much Do Bloggers Make? [+Blogs Making $100k a MONTH!]

How much do bloggers make?

When I tell people I blog, almost unanimously I get a weird look followed by the question on everyone’s mind, “How much do bloggers make?” To be honest, it’s a fair question.  When most people think of blogging, they often think of ‘mom bloggers’ or people that just do it for a hobby.  Heck, I …

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